The Power of His Presence - 15 Led by The Spirit - Foundational Principles (Rom 12:1-2)

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19 June, 2022Rev Ken GrahamThe Power of His Presence

Discerning is an ability given by the Holy Spirit.

Working Definition:

Discernment is a Spirit given ability working in and through human Intelligence that Enables us to Identify God’s Word and God’s Will.


Some foundational spiritual disciplines that will allow us to grow in our Spirit given ability to have discernment.


1.        Pray for Discernment.

2.        Seek to Know God.

3.        Surrender Your Will.

4.        Walking in the Fullness of the Holy Spirit.

5.         Trust God – Even when we don’t Understand.

6.        Don’t Fret over Mixed Feelings.

Roughness on a road does Not necessarily mean you’re on the Wrong road.

7.        Develop a Ministry Mindset.

     Our Affections Drive our discernments.

          They will Drive your Ability to accept a Ministry.

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The Power of His Presence - 13 Led by The Spirit - Introduction (1 John 2:15-17)

5 June, 2022 Rev Ken Graham

Discerning the will of God correctly is very important.

Working Definition: The will of God is His Ongoing Expression of Love through the Directives of the Word and the Holy Spirit.         

Everything God does is an Expression or Extension of His Love.

We need never Fear the will of God because it is His ongoing Expression of Love for you.

3 Types of God’s will.

1.        The Intentional Will of God.

2.        The Circumstantial Will of God.

3.        The Ultimate Will of God.


The Power of His Presence - 12 The Holy Spirit and The Bible (2 Tim 3:14-17)

29 May, 2022 Rev Ken Graham

The Bible is so Unique because of the Ministry of the Holy Spirit.

1.        The Holy Spirit Inspires the Scriptures.

Inspiration is about the way in which God’s Self Revelation has come to be Expressed in the Words of the Bible.

2.        The Holy Spirit Illuminates the Scriptures.

Because of the Ministry of the Holy Spirit to us the Scriptures can Relate to people of every Race and Culture in the world.


The Power of His Presence - 11 The Holy Spirit and Sin (Matt 12:22-32)

15 May, 2022 Rev Ken Graham

Sinning against the Holy Spirit is a serious issue and one that the Scriptures talk about. 

The Holy Spirit is a Person. The Holy Spirit is God.

Therefore he can be Sinned against. 

We can sin against the Holy Spirit by: 

1.        Blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

Scripture tells us there is no Greater sin than Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit because there is no Forgiveness for this sin.

  a.        Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit can only be committed by Unbelievers.

b.        You and I Can’t Tell if someone else has committed it.

2.        Grieving the Holy Spirit.

Grieving the Holy Spirit is something Believers can do.

a.        The Holy Spirit gives a church fellowship - Unity. 

b.        The Holy Spirit gives a church Diversity. 

c.        The Holy Spirit gives a church fellowship – people with Transformed Lives. 

3.        Quenching the Holy Spirit.

a.        To put out a fire you need to Remove the Fuel Supply.

b.        To put out a fire you need to Smother It.


The Power of His Presence - 10 The Holy Spirit and Salvation (John 16:7-15)

8 May, 2022 Rev Ken Graham

What is the role of the Holy Spirit in bringing people to faith in Jesus Christ


1.        The Holy Spirit Convicts us of Sin.

Only the Holy Spirit can Open our Eyes to the Depth of our spiritual condition. It is the ministry of the Holy Spirit to Convict us and

to Convince us that the gospel is True.


Jesus goes on to tell us this convicting work is 3-Fold:

a.        In regard to Sin.

Without the Convicting work of the Holy Spirit people cannot see themselves as Sinners.

b.        In regard to Righteousness.

The Holy Spirit reveals to us that it is the Sacrificial death of Christ that makes us Righteous before a Holy God, Not our

accumulated good Deeds and Works.

c.        In regard to Judgement.

The Holy Spirit Convinces us that there is such a thing as Judgement and that God has the Final Word.


2.        The Holy Spirit Gives us a New Birth.

What does it mean to be spiritually reborn?


a.        We are made Spiritually Alive.


b.        We are made New Creations.

A one-time act of the Holy Spirit to make us new creations, but it has Continuing Effects for the rest of our lives.


c.        We are given Assurance.


The Power of His Presence - 9 Bearing the Cross – The Benefits (Rom 8:12-14)

1 May, 2022 Rev Ken Graham

Benefits of bearing the cross:


1.    You will Experience Victory.

           God’s way to obtain victory is through self-sacrifice.

           We are more than conquerors because we are subduing the flesh and we are walking in the Spirit.


2.    You will find Great Joy.

           When you learn to carry the cross, the flesh can’t rob you of your joy.

           You are removing the barriers to a truly joyful life.


3.    God will Exalt You.


4.    Greater Effectiveness in Ministry.

           Brokenness precedes fruitfulness.

           Everybody wants to sign up for power.  But you can’t have resurrection power until you sign up for your cross.


5.    You will get to Know God Better.

           Phil 3:10 that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection


The Power of His Presence - 8 Bearing the Cross – A Lifetime Walk (Rom 8:12-14)

24 April, 2022 Rev Ken Graham

  • The desire if the Spirit is that the intellect, the will, and the emotions, function dependent upon God.

  • When the Holy Spirit shows us ourselves:

The flesh will always look to rationalise.

The flesh likes to live in denial.

The flesh will try to make a vice a virtue.

The flesh will try to spiritualise everything. 


·      When Jesus said to you take up your cross daily, He is calling you to an experience that will take time.


·      It takes a lifetime to become a mature follower of Jesus.


·      God loves us too much to leave us as we are.



The Power of His Presence - 7 Bearing the Cross – Blankets and Mirrors (Rom 8:12-14)

10 April, 2022 Rev Ken Graham


The Power of His Presence - 6 Bearing the Cross – Mining the Black Grit (Rom 8:12-14)

3 April, 2022 Rev Ken Graham

The flesh is the intellect, will and the emotions of man, functioning independently of God. 

The desire of the Spirit is that the intellect, the will, and the emotions, function dependent upon God.

The way we deal with that flesh, is by daily bearing our cross.

 Paul:   In my hardship I see myself dying to the flesh, so that more of Jesus can be revealed in me.

 Paul:   I have learned that safety and satisfaction, are not found in a place, they are only found in Jesus.

 God never meant for you to find your happiness in circumstances.

 The Spirit teaches us that sorrow is an opportunity for freedom.

 The Holy Spirit will help you.


The Power of His Presence - 5 Bearing the Cross – The Rough and Tumble. (Rom 8:12-14, Matt 10:38, Luke 9:23)

27 March, 2022 Rev Ken Graham

Your flesh cannot, and will not, deny or crucify itself.

It wants to have God’s salvation, but it wants to be in control.

If you are committed to dying to self and walking in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit will use people to accomplish that in your life.

God will use people to show you where you need to take up the cross.

One of the places where God exposes us to ornery people is in the church.


The Power of His Presence - 4 Living in the Spirit – Bearing our Cross Daily. (Rom 8:12-16, Matt 10:38, Luke 9:23)

20 March, 2022 Rev Ken Graham

In Paul letters he shows us people in three categories:

     He talks about the Natural man.

     He talks about the Carnal man, or Fleshly man.

     He talks about the Spirit-led man. 

Often the most miserable people I come across, are fleshly/carnal believers.

If you are going to follow Christ go all the way.


The Power of His Presence - 3 The Enemy Within. (Gal 5:16-26)

13 March, 2022 Rev Ken Graham

There are 3 forces that constantly wage war against us.

John calls them:  the World, the Flesh, and the Devil.

The most destructive is our own flesh.  

What does the term “Flesh” mean?

  “Flesh” is human intellect, human will, and human emotion, acting independently of God.

The Spirit gives life but the flesh counts for nothing.

True Christian worship is doing what God wants.

Christ broke the power of sin over you.

In Christ you’re not the same person you used to be.


The Power of His Presence - 2 Who is the Holy Spirit? (1 Cor 2:2-5, 12-13)

6 March, 2022 Rev Ken Graham

Study is meaningless without a solid foundation.

The entire Bible is a text for the study of the Holy Spirit.


Paul knew he was not walking alone, he was being led, he was being empowered, by the Holy Spirit.


1.    He is a Person, Not an It.

2.    He is the Holy Spirit.

3.    He is Spirit. 

4.    The Holy Spirit is God’s Agent.

When God wants to act, he acts through the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit empowers.


The Power of His Presence - 1 Living 7 Eleven. (Duet 12:7-11)

27 February, 2022 Rev Ken Graham

A series on the Holy Spirit and the Spirit Filled life. 

We have been passed from condemnation into acceptance.

  1. By virtue of the blood of the lamb He passes over our past sins.
  2. He empowers us to live differently, righteously and holy lives.


He gives you the lamb within to empower you. 

It’s impossible to live the Christian life apart from the Holy Spirit.


Heaps of people try to live in their own abilities: 

1.    On the basis of their mental power.

2.    On the basis of their will power.

3.    On the basis of their emotions and feelings.

All of those are deficient.

Today lets note these 2 things:


1. Awareness.

That you can’t live the Christian life by doing the best with your flesh. 

2. Begin to pray now.

That in these coming weeks God will encounter all of us.